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    Now you can reclaim your day - with YAPI Pay! Introducing our newest feature, payment requests via text! Improved cash flow and modern billing methods are now available to your dental practice.

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    It's Here. By Popular Demand.

    Our customers asked. We listened. This feature was created by popular demand and is free to all users of any YAPI Plan.


    Send Secure Payment Requests - Via Text

    YAPI Pay gives any dental office the amenity of sending a patient payment request or refund entirely via text. There won't have to be any more hassle or time spent on mailing paper statements as patients can now quickly and conveniently pay their balance from their mobile phones. Each text message contains a prompt, linking to our secure payment system. Once a patient pays their balance, their data in your PMS is instantly updated. 

    Each request sent is encrypted and data protected.

    The Benefits of YAPI Pay

    Improved Cash Flow Who doesn't want to get paid? We're dentists. We work hard. A higher rate of collections is a complete given with an intuitive system like YAPI Pay. Plus, patients appreciate the added convenience.
    Contactless Payments One thing is for certain - contactless technology is here to stay! Stay ahead of the curve and say goodbye to yesterday's dated technologies and processing germy credit cards in-person.
    Customizable Messages Automated does not have to mean it's not personal. YAPI Pay gives you the ability to provide a custom message in each payment request, giving you the ability to make your voice present.

    Attach Important Documents - Electronically

    Any invoice or statements you'd normally print and mail to your patients can now be attached electronically through YAPI Pay. In addition to the automated message with their stated balance, patients will be able to easily view and even print any of the attached documents you choose to include. 


    Customizable and Controlled

    All payment requests are managed and sent through YAPI's online portal, meaning this task can be completed at any time, from anywhere. The payment request creation process is fast, simple, and completely trackable - from start to finish. YAPI Pay actions are logged automatically in patients’ records in your PMS for easy auditing across all systems.