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    YAPI Smart Scheduling

    Step into your patients' shoes and experience our seamless booking experience! See why YAPI offers the most comprehensive online booking solution.

    See The Features Of YAPI Smart Scheduling That Make Everyone Love It!

    Now you have the perfect opportunity to test it - before you buy it! To get started, fill out our form. After completion, you'll be immediately directed to a demo environment of  YAPI Smart Scheduling where you can book a demo as if you are the patient!

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    Here’s Why Dentists Love YAPI!

    Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider integrating YAPI into your practice!

    Seamlessly Integrated YAPI has one of the fastest syncing databases in the dental market! All data from YAPI syncs in real-time to your practice management software, so you’ll have accurate information at all times.
    Month to Month Pricing With low fees and convenient month-to-month payments, there’s no reason not to love the affordable options YAPI offers. You can easily upgrade or adjust your plan at anytime.
    Leaders of Dental Automation YAPI is one of the longest-running integrated systems for dental practices, providing paperless forms and practice automation since 2011. We are continually improving our products and features.
    Exceptional Customer Service We believe in human communication, not robotic communication. With YAPI, you can expect exceptional service from real people and access to hundreds of additional resources.

    Built By a Dentist. For Dentists

    Initially, YAPI was designed for my personal use. Then the word of YAPI quickly spread on dental forums and private Facebook groups. Today, thousands of dental practices utilize YAPI across the nation. I am confident that you will love YAPI too!

    Dr. Gina Dorfman
    Co-Creator and CEO of YAPI