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    Work Smarter. Not Harder.

    Why is it that almost 60% of all dental practices don’t have morning huddles? The most common reason is that huddles are unproductive.

    Make Your Huddles Productive: Grab a copy of Dr. Gina Dorfman's "How to Huddle" worksheet. You'll gain expert advice on making your huddles efficient while keeping your team united on patient care and production goals.

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    Other Ways You Can Stay Efficient in Your Practice!

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    Say "No" to Paper Forms An average-sized dental practice can spend up to $18,600 per year just in supplies and employee overhead to print, scan, and shred paper documents. So go paperless from the start!
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    Say "No" to Walkie Talkies Walkie Talkies are not only dated, but they also disrupt the overall patient experience. Instead, opt for a seamless built-in dental office messaging system to discuss patient care.
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    Say "Yes" to Online Bookings Even if you are just opening your doors, an online booking system will make your practice stand out from the crowd. New and existing patients will appreciate the convenient technology.
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    Say "Yes" to Online Reviews Organic online reviews will help you grow your word-of-mouth marketing and attract new patients to your practice. Combined with automation software, you can grow your reputation rapidly online.

    About Dr. Gina Dorfman

    For almost two decades, Dr. Gina Dorfman has continually proved herself to be an innovative leader in the field of dentistry. As a dentist, practice owner, and entrepreneur, Dr. Dorfman has had the opportunity to engage with dental professionals across the country with the goal of helping them grow and thrive.

    Her passion for creating systems and leveraging technology to streamline practice operations is what eventually led her to co-found YAPI, a paperless dental software, where she is currently serving as the CEO of the company.

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