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    Dental Staffing Shortage?
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    It’s a stressful time to be part of a dental practice. If you are suffering from a shortage of team members, all while treating an influx of patients, it's safe to say that you need help managing the chaos! So what are you waiting for?! Grab a copy of our free eGuide for advice on navigating your busy schedules with the aid of more automation, better systems, and tips for uniting your dental team.

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    What To Expect From This eGuide

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    How To Find New Employees With a national shortage of hygienists and dental assistants, you will need to get more creative with your approach to hiring new talent. This eGuide will give you the tools to do just that!
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    How To Address Long Hold Times With less staff in your office, your patients are probably facing longer hold times on the phone and in-office. This eGuide will give you useful verbal skills to address these situations.
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    How To Provide Faster Technology Technology should work to your advantage, not to your disadvantage, during times of stress and panic. If your systems weigh you down and keep you from patients, you need to read this eGuide!
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    How To Make Dentistry Better Dentistry should be your passion - not your burden. Despite the chaos you might face now, there's a bright future ahead. You just need to know what to eliminate to get there!

    Software Created by a Dentist - For Dentists

    Many software platforms cater to multiple industries but YAPI solely focuses on the unique needs and challenges of dentistry. So we understand your frustrations, we know how hard you work, and we’re familiar with the limitations you are faced with. That’s why we are here for you and that's why we'd like you to give YAPI a try! 

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